Customer Value Group

Triotech is one of the top Value Added Service (VAS) providers in the country. Not just that, we also offer a number of SMS, WAP & IVR services to our customers via our dedicated short codes. Look at the range of services we offer to the telecom authority.

Our Services Include:

Triotech has launched some of the most innovative and unique applications that are designed to address the basic necessities of mobile users.

mSelf Care – Customer Care Made Easy.

mSelfcare is a bouquet of services that offers a unique value added pack to the subscribers.

Key features include:
  • Send talk time – “gifting TalkTime to your loved one when in need”
  • Gift Packs – “gifting STVs to your friends”
  • Seek Talk time from friend
  • Call – me – back SMS that is free of operator charges
  • Loan – Taking certain Amount from Operator as a loan
  • SOS – Emergency SMS

Rubaru – The Friend Finder that’s Fun

Rubaru is an interactive social application that lets you socialise with old friends and new

While using the app you can:
  • Match the face to an unknown voice
  • Match the voice to an unknown face
  • Match the Stars to their voice or face

Data Back Up – Recover What Matters

Data Backup is a mobile application through which user can actually store/ retrieve all his data like Phonebook, images, and videos on remote server. One can also download data on computer using Web interface. This is a multi platform application and becomes very handy if the phone is lost, stolen or damaged.

By default Data Backup application will come up with 10 MB space limit per user.

Data Backup application stores copy of your all data like, Contacts,Messages,Images,Videos on our server, and you can download all the data on your mobile, whenever you want.

mSecure Mobile- The only mobile security application you will ever need.

MSM is a complete mobile security application. MSM comes with Web interface using which user can control lost or stolen phone from a remote computer. User can also send various commands using Web interface to the phone.

MSM mobile security application comes with the following features:
  • Data Protection
  • Real Time device tracking
  • Backup and Retrieval of Phonebook
  • Raise an Alarm and disable a phone
  • Data Backup
MSM is supported on the Following platforms:
  • IOS
  • Android
  • Windows
  • Symbian

Application Locker – Fortify Your Phone

Application Locker is an application which gives password protection to various applications and utilities on an individual level on your mobile device from unauthorized users. It secures Messages, Contacts, File Manager, Gallery, Bluetooth, Application Manager, File Manager, Installer, Image Viewer, Web and many more applications.

Do Not Disturb – Privacy on Priority

A mobile application allows you to block unwanted calls and messages. You can now decide at the push of a button, to receive calls and messages from selected numbers only. This application allows you to complete control of the user’s accessibility to others.

Its two tools give user a choice to select the privacy levels:

Black List – in Black List user can decide to block a contact number by inserting that number in this list. Calls and message made by blacklisted number will be blocked.

White List – in White List user can decide to receive calls and messages from only selected numbers by inserting those numbers in the White List. Calls and messages from the other numbers will be blocked by Maverick DND.

Users can set the app to ‘Black List’ mode or ‘White list’ mode as per their choice.

Fake it – Safeguard Your Gallery

Fake IT is next generation of all Media Safe applications which not only hides personal images and videos from other users but also tricks unauthorized users by showing Fake images or videos. Fake IT user can assign Fake images/videos to appear in place of the original files. More than that, others can’t see the image or video even if they transfer your image or video to other Mobile or PC, and only Fake image/video will appear.

Fake IT can be very useful application amongst Youngsters, College Crowd to hide personal stuff from anonymous users, parents, and friends.

GotchYa – Target Your Market.

an innovative tool for business owners and marketers. GotchYa is an innovative tool that captures the VLR TCP traces to identify specific customers registration request and push email/sms/OBD alert to be used for marketing/increasing ARPU etc.

GotchYa is Compatible With: Network Connectivity's:
  • Port Mirroring of VLR Server
  • Email server
  • OBD Server

Call Tricker – Disguise Your Conversation.

Call Tricker allows user to play pre recoded voices in the background while accepting any unwanted call. User can select any voice from his mobile and can play while accepting call and User can record sounds on his own and add them to the Play list.

Default Pre recoded voices include:
  • 1. Traffic
  • 2. Train
  • 3. Airport
  • 4. Shopping Mall
  • 5. Rain
  • 6. Meeting/Conference

A whole new world of content is available on your phone through our SMS based VAS services. Triotech is one of the top Value Added Service (VAS) providers in the country. Not just that, we also offer a number of SMS, WAP & IVR services to our customers via our dedicated short codes.

Our SMS Services include:

mSmsGang – Group Messaging for All phones

This service allows customers to create their own groups and send unlimited messages to group members just by sending a single message to a shortcode/longcode.

Key Feature:

Group Messaging Service for Basic Phones; Apps like What’s App etc are very popular on smart phones, but no such service exists for basic phones.Every Operator has a large base of customers having basic voice phones as well as Smartphone customers who do not use such apps can be targeted for a Sms based Group messaging service.

Network Connectivity's:


Subscription Engine/Charging gateway

Wicked Jokes:- Hilarious SMS Jokes for a Mature Audience.

Wicked Jokes contains tons of funny jokes that you can tell & share, Yo' Mama jokes, sports jokes, funny insults & pick-up lines, Blonde jokes. After all jokes make you laugh & laughing is the best therapy to keep you healthy

News Alerts :- Regular Updates for News and More

The News Alerts service provides information about recent events or happenings, especially as reported by newspapers, periodicals, radio, or television.

Horoscope :- A Daily Forecast of Your Zodiac Sign.

Daily Horoscope is a subscription based service it gives you daily forecast of your Zodiac sign. Your forecast will be given to you via Sms in the morning on daily basis.

Daily Horoscope provides Predictions, Consultations, Daily Horoscopes, Nadi Daily Horoscope, Vedic Daily Horoscope and spiritual remedies for all your problems.

Fitness Tips :- Stay Fit, Stay Healthy.

A healthy lifestyle is one of the best defences against various health-related problems. Get daily fitness advice to keep you active. Fitness Tips is a subscription based service that will give a daily Fitness Tip to keep you fit.

Cricket Update: - Stay up to date with Cricket.

Cricket Update is a subscription based service. It will give you a score update after every 5 over’s during a match. It will keep you updating about the latest news related to cricket & cricket stars

Beauty Tips :- Beauty at Your Fingertips

We all secretly desire for long, lustrous hair and a flawless complexion. Beauty Tips is a subscription based service. You will receive a daily tip simple home remedies to keep skin glowing. In the world of beauty, there are endless tips and rules to keep you looking fabulous

Bollywood :- The Latest from Bollywood

This service provides information on the latest Bollywood releases, Upcoming movies, & other events in B- Town.

Fashion Tips : -For Every Fashionista

Receive Daily updates on styling and fashion from leading experts that will make you stand out in any crowd, because everybody can use a few fashion tips.

Sms Chat:- Safe Anonymous Sms Chats

Now you can chat in all over India with anonymous people without disclosing your mobile number & personal information. You can make friends similar to your interest.

Devotional :- Spirituality with Mobility

Receive Devotional sayings via SMS on mobile during the subscription period.

The Devotional service caters to the devotional needs of subscribers. The service has been designed to bring devotees closer to his God. Users can listen to their favourite Mantras, Bhagwat Gita quotes or Aartis whenever, wherever. Devotional service also caters to the users who like travelling to devotional places as it gives information on India’s famous temples and places of pilgrimage. So now the users can get all the information about their favourite pilgrimage sites on their phones.

Receive Devotional messages from the spiritual source of your choice.

Sources include:
  • Art of Living
  • Baba Ramdev
  • Sai Baba
  • Bible
  • Gita
  • Gurbaani
  • Pope
  • Quran
  • Swami Vivekananda
  • Durga Alerts

Educational Tips :- Get The Most Out of Your Education.

Educational Tips is a subscription based service. Every parent wants their child to learn and explore the world around them. This is the best way to keep you and your child updated about what is happening in the world.

One of the most useful modes of content delivery is IVR (Interactive Voice Response) .At Triotech, we firmly believe that “Content is King” we aim to deliver the best content to our users across all age groups and demographics

Our IVR services Include:

Voice Chat – Find New Friends

Voice chat is another innovative service which has received tremendous acceptance from the users. Youngsters love chatting, meeting new people and making friends. Voice chat service is designed in a way that meets this need of the users.

One on one chat with individuals

24*7 chat rooms for group chats on various issues

Celebrity chat

Chat with people of your choice without sharing your identity.

Fun Zone- Chill Out at The Fun Zone

Fun Zone is an out an out entertainment service with its key ingredients of funny mimicries, hilarious jokes, romantic tips, Love quotes and shayaris. As the name suggests, this service is designed for users who are looking for fun.

Categories of Entertainment
  • Jokes
  • Mimicries
  • Stories
  • Romantic tips
  • Love Quotes
  • Shayaris

Devotional- Spirituality with Mobility

Devotional service caters to the devotional needs of the subscribers. The service has been designed in a way that will bring the devotee closer to his God. The user who is on the move can listen to his favourite Mantra, Bhagwat Gita quotes or Aartis whenever he wants to. Devotional service also caters to the users who like travelling to devotional places as it gives information on India’s famous temples and pilgrim places. So now the users can get all the information about their favourite pilgrimage sites on their phones.

Key Features Include:
  • Mantras & Shlokas
  • Mandir Gyan
  • Pilgrimage
  • Bhagwat Gita quotes
  • Bhajans & Aartis
  • Devotional Stories
  • Live Aartis

Astrology- Fate is Now in Your Hands

Astrology is a service that will cater to the users who follow astrology very closely. The astrological and numerological tips in Astrology will help the users in their lives. Besides these the Vaastu and Fengshui tips will help them bring peace, love, health and wealth in their lives.

Key Features:
  • Astrology (Based on Zodiac Signs)
  • Numerology (Based on Date of Birth)
  • Vaastu Tips (For Health, Wealth, Education, Career and Family)
  • Fengshui Tips
  • Live chat with Astrologer

Cricket Bonanza- For the True Cricket Connoisseur

In a country like India cricket is the soul of the nation. The sport is not only growing in India but across the globe. The fans love to know each and everything about the sport. From live score updates to cricket gossips, facts, coaching tips and cricket based quiz contest a Cricket Bonanza offers enough to quench the thirst of all cricket lovers across India.

Key Features Include:
  • Score Updates
  • Cricket facts
  • Coaching tips
  • Quiz Contest
  • Live chat with a cricketer

Karaoke- Sing Your Heart Out

A unique service that offers its users a chance to record songs in their own voice

Key Features Include:
  • Record songs in your own voice
  • Select the song of your choice from a wide range of songs available
  • Receive songs as ringtones or complete song.
  • Make dedications

Participate in the best singer contest and win prizes.

Music Junction – Listen to Only Music You Want

Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything. Keeping this in mind we plan to come up an out and out music service.

Key Features of Music Junction
  • Listen songs from all genres
  • Facts related to the songs
  • Dedicate Songs
  • CRBT

Mobile Radio – Radio for the Next Generation

An innovative music service in which the user can get live streaming of their favourite radio stations on their mobile phones. At particular time slots the user can speak to an RJ and make requests on air.

Key Features
  • Listen to live radio streaming
  • Play your request on air
  • Speak to RJs

Gaming- Listen, Play, Win.

IVR gaming is one such service which has met great success as far as user acceptance is concerned. Simple yet intriguing games make the backbone of this service. User has to listen to the instructions being given on IVR and play the game accordingly.

Key Features OF IVR Gaming
  • Interesting games
  • High chance of winning keeps the user engaged
  • Multiple games on a single portal
  • Winners can win amazing gratifications

Breaking News

This service is designed to keep the users up to date with current events in the country. User just needs to dial the short code and listen to breaking news on his phone from anywhere.

Key Features
  • Political News
  • Business News
  • Bollywood News
  • Sports News

Triotech has been able to achieve highest levels of customer retention by delivering dynamic content to the users on their phones at the most friendly prices.

Our WAP services include:


goMobi is a cloud hosted mobile website publishing platform that delivers high quality, cost efficient mobile website solutions to your customers that will generate value, increase customer loyalty and add revenue and grow your bottom line.

  • No hosting required
  • Sites work on all mobile devices not just Smartphones!
  • Create mobile sites from multiple sources
  • Easy to use Control Panel for creating/updating sites
  • Multiple languages supported
  • 30 day Free Trial with every site
  • Your brand your way
  • Mass produce sites
  • Multiple Integration Options
  • Admin Web interface
  • 24/7 Customer support

Video Bonanza:- Your Video Tour-Guide

Video Bonanza is a WAP based service that allows users to browse through and watch hundreds of exciting videos. The next time you find yourself bored, with nothing to do just choose from one of these channels to browse through on your phone.

  • Funny Videos
  • Extreme Videos
  • Bikini babes Videos
  • Bollywood Videos
  • Action Videos
  • Entertaining Videos
  • Dance Videos

Games ka Khazana - Games You can Play All Day.

Games ka Khazana is an arcade styled bouquet of games for you phone. The sheer variety of games is unbelievable and the great graphics of tese games is sure to keep you entertained and enthrall for a long time. Games ka Khazana is supported by handsets using- Symbian, Java, Blackberry, Android, iOS

Games Categories Include:
  • 3D Games
  • Racing Games
  • Action Games
  • Arcade Games
  • Puzzles
  • Sports

Wallpaper- Your Phone, Your Style.

Personalise you phones background and themes with our wide selection wallpapers. Categories of wallpapers include:

  • Wonders of World
  • Nature
  • Bikini Babes
  • Love and Romance
  • Cute Baby
  • Valentine
  • Racing Cars and Bikes
  • Abstracted Art
  • Hollywood Actresses
  • Sports and Health
  • Actions Girls
  • Beach Fun
  • Sunset
  • World Places
  • Winter
  • New Year Fun
  • Hollywood Celebrity