Innovation Product Group

Innovative Product Group (IPG) is the development arm, responsible for creating innovative apps and solutions for mobile users. At Triotech, we design apps for a wide range of consumers ranging from entertainment to security. Our realistic expectations coupled with scalable development model and our extensive audience knowledge enables us to deliver high-performing innovative solutions that are fast yet cost-effective.

Easy Ride offers a means of transport in any neighborhood. Users can call an Auto/ Taxi driver directly from app to arrange a doorstep pickup (operator call charges apply) at rates at par or cheaper than ordinary rates. Users can also get an estimate of the Distance, Travel Time and Fare by entering source and destination, along with driver’s information on the app to identify the driver before boarding & regular monitoring via GPS. This makes the app highly convenient for commuters, especially women, as the service is extremely safe & reasonably priced. You can even set a radius from your current location and find available Transport within that radius. All in all Easy Ride is a safe, reliable, hassle-free, easy-to-access and affordable transport service for locals.
A revolutionary medical aid, The Remote Patient Monitoring System is a tool to remotely monitor patient’s temperature, heartbeat, oxygen level and blood pressure along with his current location. The system provides two views:
  • Nursing Station: In this view a graphical layout containing the floor map along with patient location and status is shown for a particular nursing station. This view is used by the nursing station to keep an eye on in-patient’s condition and take necessary action if required.
  • NOC View: This is a hospital wide consolidated view of all the hospitals to have an eye on unattended cases and other escalations.
Key Features include:
  • Centralized real time monitoring of Patients Vitals
  • Key health indicators for optimum patient monitoring
  • WiFi Locator module that finds the location of a patient based on the WiFi strength received by the respective device from nearby wifi routers
  • On Wrist panic button to call for help during emergencies
While going out to shop, eat or on a business meeting, parking is a real problem. Triotech’s Parking Finder is the solution. The Parking Finder will find alternate spaces nearby which have the available slot and will give you the best price option. Key Features:
  • Know of available Parking places nearby
  • Real time parking availability status
  • Navigate to selected parking spot
  • Provides in-hand Parking pricing details
  • Plan real-time parking slot at destination place from origin in advance
Sales force management system (SFMS) helps to automate sales and sales force management functions. SFMS can automatically record all the stages in a sales process. SFMS includes a contact management system which tracks all contact that has been made with a given customer, the purpose of the contact, and any follow up that may be needed. This ensures that sales efforts are not duplicated, reducing the risk of irritating customers.
Following are the modules currently supported by SFMS:
  • Employee Authentication
  • Employee Ticket Management
  • Ticket/Call Data Sync Mechanism
  • Distance Tracker Module
  • SMS Gateway/Sent via Email Support
  • Time Managemnt
  • Claim Management
  • HR Module
Courier Tracking is a revolutionary online courier management system that can be used to regulate the delivery management and field operations using just a phone.
Using this android app, the field staff of a courier company can perform all the necessary tasks to complete a delivery, including:
  • Scan barcodes and fetch details from the server.
  • Capture the customer’s signature, photograph, and voice message as the proof of the delivery.
  • Real time tracking of the courier by GPS location.
  • Capture SMS based notifications when no data is available.
  • Store data offline, by using a cache of the data when there are no communications.
Inventory Management System (IMS) is a complete solution for managing the inventories for a FMCG company. It supports multiple hierarchies with different roles and views at each level (like Master warehouse, sub warehouses, distributor, retailer etc).
The following are its distinctive features:
  • Mobile(android) and desktop version for ease of access
  • Supports Hindi language(other languages can also be added) in addition to default English
  • Real time data synchronization between client and server
  • Sync later option to manage network issues
  • Local data base support on android device to provide quick reports
  • Works on both GPRS as well as SMS for data synchronization
Contest Management System is a bidding based contest in which users will be asked to make the lowest unique bid for a specific product on auction. The bidder with the lowest unique bid shall win the prize. We put up various products up for auction ranging from mobile phones to talk time recharges, so what are you waiting for start your bidding now.
The polling Management system is a unique polling based contest in which users will be asked to share their opinion regarding a specific question with their preferred option. All who take part in the poll are eligible to win a prize. The winner of this prize is based on lucky draw system. So what are you waiting for share your opinion now.