Payment Solutions Group

Triotech’s Payment Solutions Group is responsible for creating cutting-edge banking and finance solutions that are developed with the end user in mind. We are currently collaborating with The Department of post of India, along with BSNL, in providing the only financial remittance service that does not require users to have a bank account.

Department of Post
Mobile Money Order

In collaboration with The Department of Post of India

Triotech’s innovative approach has made us the preferred Mobile Money Order (MMO) service provider for the Indian Department of Post.

Most Mobile Money Order services require both, the benefactor and the recipient to have a bank account, at Triotech we wanted to change this. Integrating mobile banking services with the Indian Department of Post’s vast distribution network was the solution. By digitizing cash transactions we could make them speedy, flexible and far less expensive. We were able to use the Post’s internal disbursement systems so even those benefactors and recipients without a bank account could use the service.

Department of post was launched on November 15, 2012, and now covers almost 15,000 post offices across 24 states, scores of people have already benefitted from this revolutionary service.

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The M-Wallet
Pay with Your Phone.

The M-wallet is an service that can be used exactly the way you use a physical wallet.

M-wallet allows you to take care of all your online payment related needs. M-wallet can be used for several services such as Mobile recharges, Money transfers, Utility bill payments, Travel Ticketing, Music & Movie downloads, Sports subscription, Shopping on websites, Movie tickets and just about every other service available online all in one place.

The M-wallet is cleverly designed and comes with an accounting feature that allows you to tally all your expenses as they occur, literally saving you time and money like never before.

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